Our Top 10 Guide for Autumn

We are starting to feel the winds changing in Devon as Autumn sets in, and as we all start to layer up and get cosy with a cuppa, we have rounded up our top ten picks for your home this season. There are a lot of new and quirky ideas in here as well as something for the traditionalists out there! Celebrate your Autumn with us and let us know your favourite in the comments below!

10. Kanin Bunny candle holder

Just. Look. How. Cute. It. Is. Hop the candle (supplied with) on there and hey presto! A simple yet adorable gift for any family or friends birthday / Christmas present at just the right price!

9. Amrapali wooden bowl with birds

Amrapali is part of our new range of smooth, Mangowood pieces and this bowl is guaranteed to attract the whole flock to the table. Featuring 5 little birds perched on the edge of the bowl, it brings family together and can be used for dining at the table inside or out. Striking in its own right, this will wow your guests into eating anything you put in it!

This artisan product has been crafted individually so there may be slight variations between each one.

8. Bird coat hook

As the chillier weather sets in, grab your coats and scarfs from the newest wall hooks featuring some more cute birds (this is starting to become a theme round here).  Made from durable and sturdy iron they will keep everything in place and are very easy to attach to the wall!

7. Leaf bowl

It’s curved shape makes it feel like this bowl has just fallen from the tree, straight to your home for a naturally beautiful addition. Although it is suitable for displaying food with, we suggest using it for your keys in the landing as you'll never lose them due to its vibrant orange colour!

6. Antler candle holder

These quirky statement candleholders are sure to become a conversation starter in your home. The polished aluminium look will reflect those cosy fire embers whilst you re sitting  on the sofa.

5. Pumpkin platter

We all know Autumn = Pumpkin Spiced Everything. So as you sip on your Starbucks lattes and read this post, be sure to pick up this platter to serve your famous pumpkin pie on.

4. Flamingo globe

Turn your world into a more tropical one with this globe sat on some flamingo legs! It will instantly turn your space into a fun and educational one and its perfect for planning your next holiday destination! The only question to ask is…Where will you go next?

3. Vintage floor lamp

As we end our lovely British Summer  timezone and remember to change our clocks back on 29th October (put it in the diary!) it suddenly gets A LOT darker round here. Your decor needs to include effective lighting in order to create that cosy atmosphere and we have picked this stunning floor lamp to provide just that. Standing tall at 115-177cm this handmade lamp can easily create the desired atmosphere by adjusting the front grate to let more/less light through.

2. Wall art

The temperature might be changing but that doesn’t mean your walls need to look cold and empty. We have a large range of wall art available but our pick this month has to be the Willow Tree inspired by the natural elements of the season. And for under £60 it’s an affordable update for any home.

No. 1 Stag head

Our favourite local animal is our number one piece for this Autumn, as he looks totally fit for any room in the house. We suggest above the sofa, or at the end of the hallway for a dramatic décor update. Made from recycled aluminium, he is lightweight and easy to put up and his eye catching silver colour is sure to pick up the last rays of autumn sun throughout the room.