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Inspiration from the stars


Homes & Antiques Simply Roka blog

Create interiors that are out of this world using our nautical ornaments and reproductions as featured in the February 2019 issue of the Homes & Antiques magazine.

A host of ideas to combine scientific stargazing tools with contemporary accessories were presented in the 'Look to the stars' article on page 41 of the Homes & Antiques Feb 2019 magazine.

Homes & Antiques magazine Feb 19

Seek inspiration from the images below as featured in the magazine.

Set up a corner of your living room or study with a pair of side tables on which to display astronomy books and intriguing tools for studying the night’s sky. Can you spot our popular Armillary Sphere reproduction in the picture?

Armillary sphere decorative reproduction from Homes & Antiques magazine Feb 2019 - Simply Roka


Choose furniture and accessories that are clean-lined and functional to ensure the visual emphasis remains on your treasured collections of globes, telescopes and barographs.

Homes & Antiques Simply Roka blog


Add a retro vibe with sunburst wallpaper, worn vintage leather seating and an oversized lunar chart. 

Homes & Antiques Simply Roka blog


The gold stars pop against the blue in this enchanting wallpaper. You can afford to keep accessories and furnishings to a minimum when you have standout pieces such as the elaborate ceiling light and iconic Egg chair.

Homes & Antiques Simply Roka blog


Play with shape and scale for a striking arrangement that’s pleasing to the eye as well as the mind.

Homes & Antiques Simply Roka blog


Blue and gold is a classic combination, evoking the appearance of stars in space. Choose shimmering metallic tiles and a matching tap, enhanced by a selection of lotions and unguents decanted into old apothecary bottles.

Homes & Antiques Simply Roka blog


A bedroom is the perfect partner for a stargazing theme. Produce a welcoming and calm-inducing scene with twinkling stars wallpaper and plenty of soft textiles. 

Homes & Antiques Simply Roka blog


*Styling - Jane Bevan, Photographs - Philip Sowels

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